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 Vickie’s Living Life: Not Just Surviving it is an ongoing Process Group meeting weekly for men and/or women wanting to explore and deepen their awareness of themselves and live a more enriched and satisfied life. The group will focus on personal growth through shared experiences in a safe environment. This group requires a six month commitment which keeps the group safe and for you to have time to work on deeper issues.

The Women’s Bibliotherapy group is an on-going group that uses literature as a tool to better understand ourselves and how we relate to others. We meet every other week to discuss, share and learn a variety of perspectives. You may enroll at any time.

Jamie’s Gay/BI Men’s Psychotherapy Group is ongoing so you can start now and continue indefinitely.  In this safe and stimulating environment, learn to relate with other men willing to be vulnerable, listen and share their experiences, and build community while gaining deeper understanding and awareness of yourself.

Bridget’s Teen Process Group (high school age)  meets Wednesday night from 6-7:30. This is an open group (runs all school year) for teens that want social support around social and emotional issues.

Bridget’s Young Adult Process Group (18-23 years old) meets Tuesdays mid-day (time still to be determined).  This is an open group and is for young adults who need social support around social and emotional issues.


Jonathan’s Mens Group meets Wednesday evenings for a series of 6 meetings. Series repeats every two months. What happens when four men – of mixed ages, lifestyles, and beliefs – meet weekly in a spirit of open inquiry, honesty, and confidentiality? Participation requirements are that you come ready to explore and expand what already defines you as a man.



Knowing Me, Loving Me is an on-going women’s process group, with two time options, that meets weekly facilitated by Marialena. An individual interview is required beforehand to make sure the group is the right fit. We invite new enrollment during the first week of each month.


Are you open to finding more about how group therapy could work for you? This psychotherapy group, co-led by Bridget Bertrand and Ari-Asha Castalia, is limited to 8 adults of any gender, 25 and older. It is a mixed gender therapy group and it meets on Tuesdays in San Mateo from 6:30-8 pm. Group therapy is a way to find support, improve communication, and address life challenges such as anxiety and depression. We are interviewing now for members.
We ask for a 6 month commitment which keeps the group safe and insures you have the time to work more deeply on yourself.


Interpersonal therapy group is for men and women where the focus is on personal growth, connection and being in relationship … starting with relationships in the group.  The group is co-facilitated by Edna Wallace, MFT,  and Dr. Ben Page.


LaDonna’s LGBT Process Group is for adults who are in the process of …coming out. This is an ongoing group meeting every other Tuesday with an expectation of a 10 week commitment. You may enroll at any time so long as there are openings in the group.


This Men’s Group, led by Jamie Moran, will provide common ground to:
• Access and recognize feelings through non-judgmental, non-shaming exploration.
• Develop a more intimate understanding and acceptance of oneself and others.
• Connect with men encountering similar experiences in a supportive and safe yet challenging environment.

Men today have few places to effectively address complex issues central to their experience which can lead to a sense of isolation, pent up feelings, reactivity, confusion or disconnection from self and others.


Melissa is facilitating two groups – “Women’s Sexual Health” and “You, Me, and Possibly Three: Exploring Open Relationships and Polyamory”. Both groups are for 6weeks, 2 hours long at her office in San Mateo. Open enrollment.



Dr. Keren Shemesh’s Significant Others and Mood Disorders group meets weekly on Friday evenings. Regardless of its causation and type, mood disorders get in the way of living life to its fullest.  In a relationship, a mood disorder can cause dispute and hardships to the couple. Significant others are strongly effected by their partner’s emotional and mental state, an experience that can cause much struggle and resentment.  This process group provides tools, and support for significant others, whose partner is facing a mood disorder.


Aimee’s Senior-itis Group is an ongoing group for Seniors in High School. A place to vent, process, and prepare. An introductory individual session is required to ensure fit for the group.